We’ll both win 🎯

You are fighting with yourself

I’m fighting with myself

In this fight we are not aware but our ego win by side

We get hurt , we learn and keep moving on

but don’t you think we just trying to get some Heartsease .

But what if we can get it better by being together and fight with our gloom

Trust me not our ego but we’ll both win every time

Society is war field . i understand

But can’t we be together and be a warrior

I’m not perfect , may be in this world

No one else .

But I’m pretty sure

Together with the trust and love we’ll be perfect one.

So why you need to fight with yourself and me to fight myself

When we both know by the side our ego wins already several times

Why not be together and fight like one and defeat the ego every single time .

So we can both win .

I know being a warrior i have no arms but for our enemies this pen in my hand is enough to fight with them .

This evening Sun is setting down but i know tomorrow morning we’ll have sun rise and bring us a bright life , which we Dreamt of .

And bring us a place

Where we don’t need to fight back

And surely where we will always Triumph.


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