Nothing is same without you 💫

Although I’ve never experienced it before, it’s happening to me right now.

I smile, but not in the same way that I did while I was with you.

I continue to laugh., but it isn’t genuine.

I’m happy , but not as much as when I was with you.

I get sad occasionally,
being without you makes it worse for me.
And trust me, without you, nothing is the same.

I used to be that man who wasn’t affected by separation, but now I’m afraid of it.

I wasn’t as expressive before, but now I don’t want to lose even a single gesture to express what’s in my heart.

Without you, nothing remains the same.
Neither this air, this water, nor these birds’ chattering, nor whether.

And why should I talk about emotions , feelings and all this when even I wouldn’t be the same without you.

I sometimes want to hike to the top of the mountain and scream out loud.

because without you, nothing is the same.



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