All about you 🌻

When I sleep late at night, it’s all about you.

Nothing but opening your photo album and missing you a little more.

When I enjoy being alone, it’s all about you.

Because, while I may be physically alone during my Alone time, you are constantly on my mind.

When I pray something, it’s all about you.

Because all I have in my hands is a prayer for you.

When I’m listening to a love song, it’s all about you.

Because you’re the inspiration for every love song I enjoy.

When I see you everywhere, everything is about you.

I see you all around me, from the heart to my phone’s background.

All of my stories revolve around you.

Everything from my WhatsApp to my life stories

I’m in love, and it’s all about you.

Because this is something I’ve never felt before.

I want to live more because it’s all about you.

Since no one makes me feel the way you do.

It’s all about you. I’m making up a lame reason to text you.

And you are the reason I’m writing this and experiencing numbness on these hot summer days.



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