I’ll write you at 1:43

My favourite someone, I’m writing you this at 1:43.

So even if I’m not expressive

However, our time will be communicated to you .

If you are reading this

Let me tell you, I’ve never known anybody like you.

so wonderful that after you, my mind cannot be crossed by anybody else.

224 I’m writing you at 1:43 to convey my 143.

If not even me, our time will express my feelings to you.

When the clock strikes 1:43,

I want three words to float around you.

I’m writing this because I’m 823 and 530.

As my mind and heart aren’t under my control all the time, day or night, they’re looking for you.

I am always waiting for you to revive my heart & life

& share all your sorrows, happiness, and ofcourse your favorite chocolate with me.

all the time, not just today or tomorrow, but for the rest of our lives.

And here I’m writing to you at 1:43, so every time the time strikes this, you’ll have me in your mind.

I’ll write you at 1:43 . …. …




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